Nakashima Farm Trailhead

  • Nakashima Family Portrait

    Nakashima Family Portrait

The railroad first arrived at the site now known as Nakashima Farm in 1889. This site, in the foothills of the North Cascade Moutains, transitioned over the years from undeveloped forest to lumber mill to dairy farm to public park.
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Past Forward

Nakashima Farm was home to Washington’s first registered Guernsey cows direct from Guernsey Island in England, famous for their golden milk. The Nakashima family was forced out by the 1942 WWII internment of Japanese.  In 2012 the site was dedicated as a Snohomish County trailhead.

Fun Fact:

Hops were the area’s first agricultural export—the vines grew around the stumps of logged trees.

Nakashima Farm Trailhead

32328 SR9
Arlington, WA 98223
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