Cities Along the Trail

Traveling along the old rail corridor of Centennial Trail is an opportunity to both look back at our region’s industrial history and to move forward in its evolution as residential communities that grew to support neighboring commerce centers such as Everett and Seattle.

As in all areas of the U.S., transportation has impacted the evolution of place. The federal highway system expanded to create the Interstate 5 corridor. Moving goods on trains became less prevalent. Where there were once many small towns dotted along what is now called the Centennial Trail, only a few continue to grow and thrive. Some of these towns were lost when the railroad pulled out and as industries such as logging and agriculture declined due to urban growth and and changing technology. Visitors to the Centennial Trail can enjoy three primary communities where the main streets remain intact and where you can enjoy glimpses of Snohomish County’s history from days gone by and the vitality of days ahead. Those communities include the cities of Arlington, Lake Stevens and Snohomish.

  • Arlington (Image provided by the City of Arlington)

    Arlington (Image provided by the City of Arlington)

  • Snohomish


Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens